Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What the....? Bachelorette Week 2

I am sorry on the delay of my Bachelorette post, I went to dinner with family on Monday and missed half of the episode. I am one of those girls that can't take a break in the middle of the episode, so I saved it for Tuesday night television, since there is no good television on Tuesdays anymore....Or is there? What do you watch on Tuesdays? Recommend any seasons that I need to watch?
Without further ado, lets get to the second horrifying week of the Bachelorette:

This week started off with the one-on-one date with Eric. So incredibly awkward and hard for me to watch, especially because I LOVE the chemistry those two have. Knowing that he passed away made me pretty sad, to be honest.
Let's move to the famous group date. The reason I say famous is because it is plastered all over news outlets! I mean, USATODAY?! The men had to do a "show" for charity on the first group date of the season. I am really wondering if ABC chooses these dates and Andi just has to decide who to bring along, because I cannot see Andi thinking, "hmmm a strip club date would be PERFECT!" Of course, some guys were extremely comfortable and judging by the looks on their faces some wanted to crawl under a rock.

CRAIG?! Who are you? Where did you come from? He is way too conceited for his own good. That smile smirk on his face is certain that Andi is going to love him because, "I love her!" Dude! You just met a few days ago. Chill. He is WAY too confident for someone that has to stuff his outfit with a towel for this male review catastrophe of a charity event. Does he drink much?! Cannon balls into the pool with all of his clothes on? He needs to go! Definitely not former Assistant District Attorney material! Oh! Did anyone catch his comment towards the end of the group date? "Who is your favorite"?! WHO ASKS THAT?! Like she is going to tell you, dude.

Marcus- A little nervous about the charity event. He is really shy in the group setting. Reminds me of Ryan Gosling. Anyone see it?

Josh M.- I am a University of Georgia Fan... He looks like Aaron Murray. Saw some UGA sweat pants on him when they were getting ready for the charity event. I got all excited!Thennnnnnn he said, "I haven't been on a date in five years." Wait? What?! I don't buy it. He lives in Atlanta for crying out loud. ...He and Andi kissed. I got giddy again. First Kiss of the season! I like this guy.

What do you think?!

Is it me or do the guys make you feel that this is a competition as opposed to a show to find love for honest reasons? I am getting the "I'm in it to win it" vibe. Does not sit well.

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  1. Josh M. looks like Aaron Murray because that's his brother! I'm voting for Josh M. to win! Did you read the Kristen Stewart wants It blog post for the second episode? Too funny!!!!!
    The whole Eric thing is sad and awkward for sure.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'


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