Monday, August 12, 2013

Teacher Week {Monday}

Hey y'all! Today was my first day at school! It was a good day! Meetings in the morning, then lesson planning in the afternoon. I made two presentations using Prezi! I love that website for presentations. Power Point gets a little boring after a while. This week, Im Blog Hoppin' is hosting a linky for Teacher Week. I am so excited to be able to participate this year! All these linkys are going to help me document my first year really well. I am excited!

Now- For Today's Link up:

1. I am a big Georgia Bulldog fan! It def helps that my boyfriend does too! I thought a little competition was good, but having that common ground especially in a town where FL v. UGA is hosted. If you follow college football... That is the biggest cocktail party in college football. You HAVE to experience it at some point in your life.
2. I have a love affair with Frozen Yogurt. It is so delish!
3. I don't splurge on much, but when I do-- It is on Jack Roger sandals. They are a bit expensive, but worth it when I wear them almost everyday for 3 years straight. No joke.
4. You all probably know this.. I love country music (CMA Show is on right now. Ha!)
5. I still eat cereal without milk out of the box Don't judge!
6. I live 10 mins from the beach, but I still prefer the pool.
7. I prefer comedy movies over scary movies. My imagination gets the best of me. 
8. I'd rather go to a place where I can learn about history (i.e. Washington D.C.) than a paradise island. Nerd Status.
9. I like watching it storm. Wow. This post is really making me feel like a nerd.
10. I love the feeling I get when I meet someone that I have something in common with. 

I can't wait to post some pictures of my classroom tomorrow! I am enjoying seeing all of yours!


  1. OH MY GOSH. My bloggy bff and I have something in common- I too TOTALLY prefer going to DC over the Beach .... #HistoryNerds :)

    I opened my pens from you today and I lurve them. I love this post and I love you!

    Karie <3
    Anchored in the Middle

  2. Cute post and HOLY MOLEY cute blog design!
    Love, love, LOVE!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  3. Your blog is so cute! I must say it has to be nice to have a boyfriend that likes the same football team as you. I am a huge Michigan Wolverine Fan and my boyfriend is a Notre Dame fan. We are constantly arguing who's team is better and when they play each other which is always around my birthday, we can really get into it. Every team that I love, he likes my rival, it is always competition ... for once I wished he liked the same teams as me! I cannot wait to see your classroom!


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