Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Worlds Largest, and Creepy Editions!

Happy (almost) Halloween! This week is a big week in my hometown of Jacksonville! Halloween and all of the Georgia (Bulldogs) vs. Florida (Gators) football game. This game is in Jacksonville every year and is considered the "Largest Cocktail Party".  If you ever have a chance to go to this game/tailgate... GO! Even if you don't go to the game, it is A LOT of FUN!

This picture does not do the BIG party justice. I promise!

This is the only time this stadium is sold out during football seasons. The Jags just aren't cuttin'it!

The festivities last Thursday- Saturday. I am really excited for all the fun!
More pictures to come soon!

Go Georgia Bulldogs!!

I have been reading up on my blogs on blog lovin' and I came across a cool linky party from Sunny Days Blog. It is made for Monday's, but I am going to be a rebel, and do it on a Wednesday. I think it is cool, and I will post the next theme linky on time! Promise!

  This weeks theme was "Creepy"

Mustard has always creeps me out. It stains your clothes, and I have always been afraid that I would sit on a packet or something (weird, I know). I also hate the texture of cottage cheese and yogurt. My mom bought me those GoGurts when I was a kid. Lets just say I never ate more than one out of a box. I couldn't do it. bleh.

I am wishy-washy when it comes to scary movies. If it is gory, I am not a fan. Also, if it has to do with exorcisms, they are not fun for me (the mister likes them...) 

ROACHES! I had an event when I was in sixth grade that happened that made it a guarantee that I will forever be scarred when it comes to those gross things. If you are familiar with Florida, you are well aware that we have a form of roach called palmetto bug. BUT they are five times bigger and they FLY!!!!!!!
Hopefully my fear is justified. 

Good news: I am getting a blog face lift soon! Stay tuned!


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  1. I am trying to decide if I want to go to the FSU/Miami game. I'm thinking it's going to complete nut-so. I don't do humungous crowds too well. I hope Florida doesn't sink with all the football fans this weekend. Lol!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'


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