Sunday, May 26, 2013

Grading Frenzy!

        Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I have been extremely busy with school, extra curriculars, and not to mention a pretty bad sunburn. Life at school has been hectic. I have been trying to get things started, not really, for next school year. It has been weird to begin planning, from scratch, for a new year. I am nervous! Are the kids going to like it? Are they going to learn? What will their growth be? All of those answers matter to me, and not to mention I want to impress my principal (We are getting a NEW one next school year).
          Grading has been a bit of a taunting task, as students are used to being able to turn in late work with no penalty, and the old teacher's organized mess of grades are everywhere! I am also trying to prepare students for their final. However, with time quickly slipping it has been really hard.
            Positive News! I am remembering names and faces! I know that students are really appreciative that I am finally able to match names to faces. Also, teachers on my team are finally becoming good resources for me when I need help. Having that support, I have learned, has been a huge uplift and release off my shoulders.
            Two more weeks of school.
             Not counting. Promise.


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