Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Day Before the Big Day!

      A month ago, I never thought I would have the "first-day of my career jitters" so soon! I thought I was going to have to wait through a long summer to start my dream career. However my school, a Charter School, called me two weeks ago to become a Long Term Substitute for the teacher that is leaving. (I actually got two offers in one day to be a LTS, God was listening to my prayers!

      I am starting this blog for family and friends (and anyone else, of course) to read about my journey as a first year teacher and beyond. I live in Jacksonville, FL, and well, my family is spread out across the U.S. This is my chance to show what my classroom looks like as well as the realities of the Education aspect of U.S. society.

      I will be teaching 9th grade Modern World History oxymoron. I was quite relieved, as this is one of my strengths. I am a strong believer that a teacher must be a life-long learner. I vow that I will continue to learn and research in order to keep the subject interesting for my students. I plan to do this by using technology to my advantage as well as a hands-on creative approach.

      I hope you find this blog interesting, and please feel free to comment and/or give suggestions. (Disclaimer) Teachers get really busy with planning, so if I misspell something or miss a comma please forgive me.
Until Later, XOXO JK


  1. This looks very good Jessie! Very cute, and very you!! I forgot tomorrow is your first day! I will be thinking of you, and I know you are going to be an awesome teacher! You have a ton of great ideas to make this subject interesting. I want to hear all about it tomorrow night!! :)

  2. Heheh I scrolled all the way down here to see what it is you teach! I have spelling errors all the time, on the blog, in my texts, on the whiteboard, that is why I teach math, I try to get rid of as many letters as possible! Just kidding.

    Thanks for posting on my blog. I am going to follow yours. I love secondary bloggers!!!

    Lessons With Coffee 

    1. Thank you for your kind words! Since this first post, I have been switched to 7th grade Civics. I am more excited about this subject!!!



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