Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Freebie Tuesday!

Today I got into the School Planning mode. After missing the last two days of school, I decided to go visit my old classroom and pick up some things I left. For those of you who don't know, I was a long-term sub introduced as a teacher with full expectation of starting a contract for next school year. It was bittersweet today because I bonded with the 9th grade team I was on. The way they took over for me when I realized I had a medical emergency, made me realize that I truly love being a part of a team that takes care of each other, regardless. Let's just say I am happy, but sad to be moving to 6th (or 7th grade)-- I will touch on that later.

After hours and hours... well not really... spent in Hobby Lobby getting craft supplies... I went home and made some of those poofy tissue paper pom-pom thingys, Pictures to post later, to decorate my ceilings and hang group numbers from. I am NOT sure if I like them yet. I am the kind of gal.. I usually surprise the crap out of myself when everything comes together. 

I got to the computer and made a freebie, available in my TpT store. Being a Middle School teacher, we encourage students to go to the bathroom/locker/office/whatevererrand in between classes, so I made a punchable hall pass that students are responsible for holding onto throughout the year (I may make a pocket for them in their Interactive Notebook). I hope you like it! 

Please feel free to share any comments or suggestions about ways to organize groups in a middle school classroom setting. 
I also want to participate in Tori's Teacher Tip's Blog Hop!  On her blog she gives you tips on how to connect on bloglovin' since reader is taking a dive... I personally LOVE it! Check it out!

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  1. The hall pass is great! I usually give my kiddos a hall pass card for one nine-weeks grading period, but I like the idea of keeping them in a pocket of their interactive notebooks.


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