Saturday, June 29, 2013

July's Currently!

Oooohh!! I am so, SO, so SO excited about July's Currently! Not only because I always love Farley's Currentlys, but because July is my second favorite month! So without further ado:

Listening- Don't Judge me! Ha! It was on my Get Well Playlist, and I happen to love the way it makes me feel! It is an oldie, but I have a slight tendency to fall for the boy band type deal. In the grand scheme of things, I am really a country girl. My mister sings country music, and that is primarily where my heart it is. 

Loving- I got off work tonight and MAN! It felt like HEAVEN! If any of you have you have been to know how HUMID it can be. Feels like a sauna, especially during the summer. The mosquitos love it, and they apparently think I am the sweetest woman around...Ha! Anyway, Having a low humid night makes for a happy mood. Windows down and music to unwind from the wonderful world of retail work.

Thinking- I went and visited my new classroom last Thursday when I found out with 100% certainty what I am teaching next year (7th Grade Civics).. and this is what I found on the wall..

Now, I can always appreciate wonderful artwork, however, LOOK AT THOSE EYES?! They creep me out! Not to mention, the mural does not really go with the Civics subject. I also want to brighten up my classroom with some brighter-ish paints. 

Wanting- This is officially my last summer working a part-time job. LET ME TELL YOU! When you know that you have your nights and weekends free in the near future, time slows down! My mister and friends are at a songwriters festival while I just got home from work. I guess we all have to sacrifice something at one time or another. I am so ready for it to be over! End Rant ;)

Needing- I have all the supplies to begin planning, but something always distracts me from getting any planning done. This is the month! I AM going to do it! I have NO choice!

Tips, etc.- I am a semi-new blogger and I have figured out that if I do not put much into my blogging experience, I will not get much out of it. I am sure this is a life rule in general as well. Linkys are a good way to get to know other bloggers and see what they are doing! I LOVE learning and getting to know others! It is my dream to get together with fellow bloggers from my area or state. It sounds so FUN! Also, if you have access to Adobe Illustrator, learn how to use it! It is so easy! I self taught myself through YouTube tutorials! It is my favorite design tool! UhMazing!

I am off to Farley's blog to check out what everyone else is doing Currently! Please leave me some feedback on my new layout and the mural above! I'd love to hear from you!!


  1. Welcome to the blogging world!
    You are right, the wall needs to go! I'm sure someone put some love into that wall, but...! Make it your own!
    Thanks for the comments on my post! 7 Habits of a Highly Effective Person is next on my reading list!
    Fabulous Fifth Grade Fun
    I'm your newest follower! I'm following you through Bloglovin'!

  2. Oh my word, the wall! That would drive my ADD nuts!I'm sure there was good intentions that went into painting that, but no wonder you want to paint over it!

  3. Jessie, your comments on my blog always crack me up! I am LOVING the look of your page right now, SOOOOO CA-UTE! Now can we talk about that wall??? Oh my goodness, I would have screamed! How many gallons of paint is it going to take to cover that thing??? I would totes offer to come over and help you paint it, but alas I'm too far away
    :( I hope you can persuade your mister and friends to help you out!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  4. Hi Jessie,
    Glad you got one day of non-humidity at least- it really does make a massive difference on your day! P.S. You totally cracked me up on the comment you left on my post and I'm excited to be a new blog lovin' follower because I have a feeling you will be cracking me up some more!
    Learning to the Core


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