Sunday, June 2, 2013

It is Almost Summer!

Hi Ya'll!
It is almost summer and I couldn't be more excited! My weekend has been AMAZING! Me and the Mr. decided to try something different for dinner on Friday night, and well, um.... It was a bit interesting. It was a restaurant that have talented staff (singing and comedy for the most part). The most entertaining restaurant I have EVER been to made a volcano out of onions and made me some delicious teryaki chicken and shrimp. It was a wonderful experience, but I will certainly leave it for celebrations only kind of thing. It was oober loud!!

School is almost over. Finals went well, other than the student who decided to fail the almost impossible to fail final of the year. I was incredibly shocked and surprised. Maybe I shouldn't have been. Some students brought me my first treat as a teacher. Man! It was so good.. they came in and offered me seconds. WASN'T PASSING UP ON THAT. NOPE!

Late work and collecting textbooks have been quite the task, but I am learning to not let the little negative things get to me. I just remember that the next class is a new class, and the next day is a new day etc.

I have been learning more and more about blogging, and I found some things on Oh Boy 4th Grade here that allows me to share what I am up to "Currently". Expect these every month, as I am excited to share these with ya'll!

As for summer:

I am building the curriculum for my 6th graders! I plan on introducing the Interactive Notebooks. I will be updating my blog about each phase I go through to build it. There are the beginning phases that include the student set-up. Next is the substance that will be in the notebook, and finally the extras that I will be including into the notebook. I plan on creating a sample over the summer. When the school year starts, I will start a new one so that I can compare what they look like at the end of the year. I am anxious to see how much things change during the course of the year. This may prove the fact that teachers should stay flexible. 

Bye for now!


  1. I love your "currently" post! Might have to borrow that idea ;)

    1. Follow . There is a linky party and you meet SO MANY bloggers to get more followers! I got mine from her Teachers Pay Teachers store instead of her blog. I am new at this too, so I made a whoopsies this month! But she posts one at the beginning of each month, and you have to follow the "rule of three". It is REALLY fun!

  2. Found your blog through Farley's Linky. I look forward to seeing how you plan to use Interactive Notebooks. I have never used them but like the idea of them.

    I am hosting a Monthly Goals Linky party, hope you link up!


  3. I hear you about students failing the impossible-to-fail-test. I had one kid actually push his onto the floor, cross his arms, and just stare at me all hour. At least the other kids' reactions were priceless - junior high kids have no filter :). Hope you have a great summer!

  4. I found you through Currently. It's a great way to find other bloggers and others to find you. I'm looking forward to hearing your experiences with Interactive Notebooks.


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