Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Midweek Confessions

As of lately I have had my blinders on focusing on the finish line of part-time job land. In about 2.5 hours I will be at the finish line! Those blinders have made me abandon my blog for a few days, and I am really sorry. Good news, I have marked some exciting things coming up in my planner for my blog, so I am excited! I love hump days in the blogging world because I love the linky with Elizabeth (E, Myself and I -- Midweek Confessions)

I am counting down the days to everything, lately.
Well not really. Kinda, sorta. I am really excited to have
a new apartment that is brand spankin' new to live in with my BF.
I feel like it is a small step towards something bigger. And that makes me happy.
I was team Brooks two weeks ago, but last week he really
made me feel like he is garbage. He said, "If you would have told me you loved me, before now..."
She wouldn't have kept you around this long if she didn't
have strong feelings for you. Gosh.
I am a first year teacher. Preplanning starts in a week and a half.
I feel like I haven't done enough to prepare (material wise)
Why/How can I possibly feel this way?!



  1. Good luck in your first year! It'll be a year to remember! Mine went down as one of my favorite groups of all time!

  2. Good luck in your first year! Like Abbey, my first group was one of my favorites. And then when I switched grades, my first group of middle schoolers was amazing. I switched schools mid-year (confusing, i know) and the second group just didn't quite compare. There's something special about that "first group." Have a great year!


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