Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Smorgasbord {July 14}

Good Evening! I have been a busy busy bee as of late! I am sorry with the random posts. I plan on getting on a more consistent blogging schedule soon! Today, I am linking up with Fabulous in First's linky: Sunday Smorgasbord. It is really fitting for my life right now. Everything seems really random, but really positive. That makes me a happy happy girl. What do you think when you see a twenty something girl randomly doing a happy dance in the middle of the parking lot?  ...

... the happy dance was because I found out that this BEAUTIFUL place is where I will be living starting
September 1st. Wait for iiittttttt!!! The pooch gets a free membership to the DOG PARK ($350/yr) [yes, in my town, we have to pay for dog parks...] I am so happy for him, and me and the mister as well! Can't wait!

Who do you think of when you see these scissors?
hint: Monthly Currently

I saw these at Office Max and I LOVE them!

This teacher binder is UH-MAZING. Thanks to my part-time job at Office Max, I was able to print this 
beast up just the way I wanted it! 

I have a question for my fellow teacher blogger friends. This is my first full year teaching. What do I need on my walls in my class? I have word wall stuff and CHAMP posters. Can you recommend anything else? I feel like I am missing a lot. Maybe I am thinking too much into it...


  1. LOVE your teacher binder-it looks fabulous!

    My walls are pretty bare at the beginning of the year. The only other things I have up besides what you mentioned (since I teach the little kiddos) is my number line and color posters. I prefer to wallpaper the walls with anchor charts!

  2. Hey Jess! You're working with middle schoolers, right? I think you're off to a great start! As the year goes on you will know what your students need to have so it's great to have room to grow.

    However, if you're anything like me, you hate bare space. Here are some ideas I'm throwing around in my head:
    -Meet the Teach (a board introducing yourself)
    -Sneak Peek (giving students a sneak peek into some of the things they will be learning with you)
    -Book Recommendations (I saw on pinterest this cute "Readbox" that looked like a could fill it with covers of recommended informational books & novels related to your content area....

  3. LOVE the teacher binder you made! How did you bind it at Office Max?

    Sliding Into Second Grade

    1. Kelly- I work in the Impress department as a summer job, so I can break it down.. hopefully they know the lingo haha

      I printed the pages duplex (top-top)
      Then binded them using a coil bind.

      Word of advice: To lower the cost, If you have a color printer at home, print the cover and make the tabs at home using cardstock. Then just tell the person at the Impress Counter at Office Max where you want the tabs. Email me if you have any questions. jkaneuga at gmail dot com

    2. I listed the link of where I purchased the amazingly cute binder on TPT in the above post :)

  4. Put things on your walls that you love/that make you feel inspired!
    I have a picture of Eminem & his quote from 60 minutes about the importance of learning vocabulary. I have a J.M. Barrie quote, a "you are the master of your fate" quote.. etc. Putting up classroom expectations where students can visibly see them would be good, too.

    I would also suggest a place for a calendar where you can write down upcoming assignments/bigger projects & students' birthdays.

    I leave enough space blank that I can temporarily tape things on the walls for gallery/walk-around lessons (great to get students moving & interacting with background info instead of you lecturing via ppt).


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