Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What I am Loving Wednesday {July 24}

Today is my Sunday. Tomorrow I go back to finish my last week of part time work at Office Max.. EVER! You are probably thinking, "That is the perfect job for this time of year!" ...You are partially right. Except, I feel like I can't get all my lists of things-to-get-while-I-am-working-there compiled together. I KNOW I am going to forget something really important and expensive. JUST MY LUCK! Well..IT IS Wednesday.. and I am linking up with Covered in Glitter and Glue  . I love a little bit of randomness mixed in with all this teaching stuff. I feel like it is the perfect amount of balance! So without further ado:


So, this is the map in my classroom. IT.IS.HUGE. Do any of you have one this big in your classroom?! The edges were fraying really bad, so after I painted my classroom, I decided I would put a chevron border around the map. I am LOVING how it turned out! It really makes the map look like it is a part of the classroom now!


I am a HUGE country music fan..can you tell? Even though I do not like David Nail's new hair cut...WHAT WAS HE THINKING? ew. His new song is AMAZING! I went to sleep last night with it stuck in my head, and woke up this morning with it still there. Thanks to mister, He played it while he was catching up on the news :)


Okay. I do not have this jacket. yet. Last Christmas our new pup-pup chewed devoured my North Face Jacket. Ugh. I swear, puppies only eat the most expensive things of their owners. Not even their male owners...only their WOMEN owners. The ones who have SHARK WEEK once a month and that have obvious hormones! Well.. This jacket gave me some excitement, because it means that I can have a new one that makes a statement and suits for rain (perfect for Florida) and chilly nights (I chilly does it get here, guys up north are probably laughing at me).


Can you say Guilty. Pleasure. ? I love the Bachelor(ette). This season is okay. A little more dramatic than others. I think the producers are picking up on the fact that they are going to need to add a little more sugar and spice. I mean, I DO NOT KNOW what I would do without Monday nights with my girls and our boyfriends cracking jokes while watching the show. It is always a comical and fun night. Laughter IS the best medicine...Have to thank the guys for that. Sometimes they go out, but others they choose to hang out with us.
Are you watching this season? If so what are your thoughts? What about the big cliff hanger for the two part finale?

Sorry for the Forrest Gump Gif's...I love him. And they are cute. hehe.


  1. I just listened to David Nail's new song after reading this. He is amazing! Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Forrest Gump is a classic in my book. You can never tire of too much Forrest. Thanks for sharing!!!


  3. I miss having a map of ANY kind in my room! They said we don't need the pull down maps because we can just use Google Map or one online...Well that doesn't always work out well, because sometimes it takes forever to pull up a map and connect to overhead..yadda yadda.
    My not-so-puppy-anymore dog just chewed up a wooden Pier One magazine holder. BOOOO. I guess it's time to toss it... stinker.


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